Born in August 1989, my family was engaged in farming with small land and resources. Coming from the humble family background. Living was a daily struggle for my family and people around me. Father Shri Ramotar Das is a farmer, his hardships have trained me to have faith in nature and natural justice. In search of a better source of earning to support my family, I moved to Delhi at a very young age with lots of hope. Job and education together never walk so easy, but never yielded to those fateful years. I earned my MBA & started my business and vowed to contribute to my society. For me, political struggle is that way of ensuring natural justice for my people and thus I have joined Indian National Congress.

Political Profile

·        Convenor (Media), UPCC
·        Member, AICC & UPCC
·        General Secretary, UPCC (Vyapar Prakosht)
·        Former State Secretary, UPYCC (Central Zone)
·        Former Administrative In-charge, UPYCC (Central Zone)
·        Former State Secretary, UPCC (Vyapar Prakosht)
·        Former Secretary, Loksabha Youth Congress, Lucknow (Central Zone)
·        Former Member, IYC

Political Vision

Democratic in approach, I believe in all-inclusive progress of society and nation, I believe in Nehru’s world vision and follow the path of our party president Shri Rahul Gandhi Ji i.e. a nation where mankind achieves the ultimate enlightenment of justice and equality. Where we disown discrimination wholeheartedly and in its entirety. I believe an impartial, unbowed, and free education system can liberate our people. Politics is an ongoing bargain of right, legitimacy, and justice from those who have it those who hasn’t… Thus, and naturally so, in between the powerful vs powerless, a resource full vs resourceless, affluent vs peasants, privileged vs apartheids of various color, class, caste, creed, and culture… I side with the later.