People First/Development First

LalanKumar life work is the basis of his thoughts, his motto is, the people are the most important! Even before he started his political career, he got public service as a child and he has been following this teaching all his life. While embarking on his journey in politics, Lalankumar decided that the people are more important than power.

Lalankumar thinks that not only by gaining power, we can do good to the people, but also because of our leadership, power should come in the hands of the people, people should feel empowered. If people are empowered, they can go a long way in development, he said.

Their policies, their agendas, their movements and their services all have one language – the language of the people. His sense of dedication to people is perfect. Good morning or midnight, they are always ready for public service. As the convener at Indian National Congress – Uttar Pradesh, the people of his state and their welfare are of paramount importance to him.

  • Sustainable development of infrastructure
  • To ensure that essential public services are provided effectively
  • Guarantee regular supply of water and electricity to everyone
  • Efforts to conserve natural resources and maintain the beauty of the area
  • To provide ample employment opportunities for youth and women
  • Using technology for political transparency
  • Working to eradicate poverty and provide permanent housing to slum dwellers